Monday, May 17, 2010

Steph and Ryan

I took these pictures at Katrin's wedding this past summer. Steph and Ryan had just got engaged about a week earlier.

I love taking pictures while people are getting ready for a photo. It is usually way more natural.

Take a look at this little sequence as Steph and Ryan get ready for the final photo in the sequence.

Loves her 2 terabyte external hard drive!

My boyfriend is a giant geek and he often teases me that I have more technology than him. The truth is, I do but that is likely because he buys a lot of it for me. Photography is big hobby... passion of mine.  On one of his trips to Canada computers, he picked me up a 2 terabyte hard drive. Thats 2000 gbs!!

I spent some of my weekend moving my pictures off my lap top, his desk top and his external hard drive.

I was able to finally work on some pictures from Easter. Take a look below!

Easter weekend was so warm that we could walk in the bay
and skiiers were still heading down Blue Mountain

Frank's first experience in the bay

I set up the apeture and shutter and my sister snapped this nice picture of me. Good job sis!

Frank is loving it!

The ceiling in Grandma's gazebo

Easter table ... and my family

Kristal asked me to take a nice picture of her and Travis

A better one!


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Photo Colouring

 I love to look at photos on other photographer's blogs. Lately I have been noticing some washed out hues that almost have a yellow tinge to them. Since I haven't posted in awhile, here is an image that I experimented on.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My painting so far...

My painting is coming along slowly. I attempted to create a lace design on my painting but I used some watered down acrylic in an old spray bottle. Some worked but I also let it run down the canvas. I also painted on top of an old canvas so there is a lot of great texture showing through.

The design on the front will be a blue bird on a branch. I am just looking for an archival sharpie or acrylic pen. They I will fill in other colours.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fun with Flowers

I have some lovely people in my life. While I was off I received some beautiful spring bouquets. I decided to photograph them yesterday but got bored and started playing with shutter speed and movement. I like the painting effect. What do you think?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Inspiration for my new painting!

After thinking about apple green for sooooo long (aka 11pm - 4am). I have decided to create a painting. I am using an idea of lace painting from Shelterrific (click to see example).

I bought three colours of paint today. Lipstick red, Orchard green and Antique white. I am so excited!! The lady at the check out laughed at my bright green. She said I must not be painting leaves with it because leaves don't come in that colour...
ha! you just wait! Oh! aaand I got lace place mats from my buddy Dollerama!

Id also like a bird image on the front. I might draw it with a sharpie and then fill it in. (Lace meets Sharpie!) Or some sort of silhouette but that seems a little cheesy and over done.

Here are some brain storms I've found. Above came from google images. Below, I learned how to make my own contact sheet in Photoshop so I used some more google images that I found.

I feel bad.... I am a teacher. I should be sourcing this stuff!

Photography my love....or addiction....?

On Sunday I was at my sister's fiancee's (Ryan) barn and I snapped a few pictures. I really can't do anything without taking pictures.

Today I decided to play with a logo. I am not really sure how to make one as my photoshop skills are pretty limited to photography. I had some difficulty with a few images and so they do not have a logo.

Barn cats are so cute!

Above: This is Ollie. He is the sweetest little barn cat! I think I should take him home (and then clean him). Ryan even said I could have him for free!

Below: Cows really are very beautiful.

Above: Oh Ollie! This picture is blurry but it is soooooooo cute. 
He's a little prince! I think we should go on a picnic!

Below: My other sister Kristal liked this cow's hair-do.